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How do I choose the right Auto Shipping Company?

Start with the basics. Make sure that the company is licensed with the USDOT's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Any Auto Shipping is licensed for permanent authority under MC#XXXXXX. Be certain that you are provided with all the information you need to know prior to making payment. Any Auto Shipping has a policy of sending you our contract with all Terms & Conditions at the same time that we provide you with our competitive pricing quote. We encourage you to ask questions and make sure you understand all aspects of your vehicle move before you make payment. An educated consumer is our best customer. Most importantly, call and speak with company representatives. As important as the Internet is in providing information and facilitating transactions, there is no substitute for direct communication when you are entrusting your vehicle for auto transport across the state or across the continent. Any Auto Shipping representatives understand your needs and concerns. We will treat you and your vehicle with the respect and quality service you deserve as an important customer.

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What type of truck will my auto be transported on?

In most cases, vehicles are transported on car carriers similar to those used for delivering new vehicles to auto dealerships. They are normally open carriers, approximately 75 feet in length, nearly 14 feet high, and capable of carrying ten cars at one time. Depending on your specific needs, we will advise you on enclosed carrier and flatbed trucking options for special handling.

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What does door to door service mean?

Door to door service means that every attempt will be made to pick up and deliver your vehicle in the most convenient manner possible. Typically, the car carrier will load and unload your vehicle curbside at your designated addresses. If the driver cannot physically get to your home (due to road restrictions, low clearances, cul-de-sacs), the driver will arrange to meet you at a mutually convenient nearby parking location where your vehicle can be safely loaded / unloaded on the car carrier. You will need to arrange for a ride from and/or to your vehicle in this case.

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Will my car go to a terminal?

In the event that your home is inaccessible by the car carrier or scheduling conflicts preclude alternative pick-up/drop off locations, a smaller flatbed truck will be dispatched to your home or office. In this case, it is likely that your vehicle will be brought to a fully licensed and insured terminal for loading on the car carrier. In some cases, it may be more convenient for you to drop off or pick up your auto at a terminal. This can be easily arranged if you choose to do so.

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How long will it take and can you guarantee a delivery date?

Normal transit time is usually 7-14 days. Actual transit time is dependent on the distance and routing as well as uncontrollable factors such as weather and road conditions, mechanical problems and road restrictions. No auto shipping company is able to guarantee a delivery date for these reasons. Any Auto Shipping understands how important it is for you to receive your vehicle as soon as possible. You have our commitment that we will do everything possible to have your car delivered in a timely fashion.

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How much advance notice is required to ship my car?

Ideally, you should plan on booking your shipment with 2 weeks prior notice. This allows us to ensure your booking and the most competitive rate. However, based on Any Auto Shipping's extensive network of car carriers and drivers, we will likely be able to accommodate last minute requests in the event your need is urgent. Upon scheduling of your shipment, we typically advise a 3 day window of when we expect your car carrier to be in your local area. As we get closer to the shipment time, we will call you directly with the actual date and the driver will then call to confirm a specific time with you.

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Do I need to be present for pick up and/or drop off of my car?

If you are unable to be present, you may authorize an alternate by contacting our office with the name and contact information for the person you have appointed. It is important for someone to be physically present to coordinate pick up with the driver and to inspect the vehicle, noting any existing damage on the Bill of Lading which must be signed. Upon delivery, someone should be present to re-inspect the vehicle for any discrepancies. Should any damage have occurred during transit, be sure to note it on the Bill of Lading and have the driver sign as well. No claims can be honored if the damage is not noted at the time of delivery and acknowledged by the driver.

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What about insurance?

Your vehicle is fully insured while in the possession of the auto transporter. All of our transporters are fully insured, licensed and regulated by the USDOT and FMCSA with proper operating authority for your vehicle.

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Can I pack personal items in my vehicle?

Car carriers are not licensed to transport household goods. Drivers cannot assume any responsibility for personal items left in the vehicle and any such items are not covered by the transporter's insurance. As a practical matter, it is also a bad idea to pack personal items in your vehicle as they could be subject to shifting and damage in transit, theft, or cause problems with weight and loading/unloading procedures. Thus, Any Auto Shipping does not permit personal items in vehicles being transported by car carriers. Any items left in your vehicle are completely at the owner's personal risk.

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How much gas should I leave in the gas tank?

There are no restrictions on gas levels in your vehicle's tank for transporting in the continental U.S. Ideally, approximately half full is recommended. For shipments to Alaska and Hawaii, the gas tank must be empty.

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Can you ship an inoperable vehicle?

Yes! We can ship just about any vehicle out there including vehicles that won't start, steer or roll. Please be sure to advise us of any special requirements you may have prior to booking your shipment.

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Does Any Auto Shipping transport motorcycles, trucks, trailers and/or boats?

Yes! Automobiles, SUV's, light trucks and minivans are transported routinely every day. Larger trucks, full-size vans, motorcycles, trailers and boats can also be transported with sufficient notice and detailing of your vehicles dimensions and special requirements. In addition, enclosed car carriers can be specially arranged to transport your antique, exotic or extra special prized vehicle. Any Auto Shipping welcomes your special needs.

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How do I place my order and what are my payment options?

You may request your price quote online at any time by filling out our Customer Price Request form. (Click Here) Please be sure to include the pick up and delivery locations, the make, model and year of your vehicle, and when you plan on shipping. You can also call us at 800-555-1111 or request a quote by fax at 800-FAX-1111. Any Auto Shipping has a unique policy of sending you all the information you need to know when you request your price so that you are prepared to move forward with confidence. To place your order, just fill in the forms in the appropriate places, sign the shipping contract, and return to us at our toll free fax number. Upon receipt of the signed contract, we will call you to personally review and confirm your order and make arrangements for payment. Your shipment will then be scheduled.

A minimum deposit of $195 is required to schedule your shipment. We accept all major credit cards as well as personal check, money order or cashier's check for the deposit amount. You may also elect to pay the full amount at this time. Once your vehicle is in transit, you may pay the remaining balance directly to us via major credit card prior to delivery or you may pay the driver C.O.D. upon delivery with Cash, Money Order or Cashier's Check. No other form of payment will be accepted by the driver at time of delivery.

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Why should I use Any Auto Shipping to ship my vehicle?

We understand your needs and concerns. We stand ready to assist you every step of the way. We will answer all your questions with honesty, respect and professionalism. Any Auto Shipping wants you to have a smooth, safe and worry free shipping experience with the knowledge that you are receiving the best value in the business. We ship vehicles and deliver customer satisfaction!

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Thank you for allowing us to provide these answers to your questions. An educated consumer is our best customer.


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