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Your Employee Assessments Specialists

People Assessments offers advanced tools for the hiring and managing of employees.

As a strategic business partner of Profiles International, the fastest growing assessment company in America, we provide a range of pre-employment and employee assessment products targeted for your specific needs. Our assessment system is designed for Executives, Managers, Business Owners and Human Resources Professionals who want to select the right person for the right job, retain employees, enhance their performance and build leadership skills.

Our selection of employee assessment tools includes:

  • Pre-employment screening for Integrity, Work Ethic, Reliability
  • Sales personality testing to measure and predict performance
  • Customer Service hiring and training tools for Knowledge, Skills, Behaviors
  • Call Center Survey assessments for proper Job Fit and coaching
  • Management Development and Coaching Tools
  • Personality Assessment and Job Match for Increased Motivation and Productivity
  • Team Analysis for More Effective Working Relationships and Synergy
  • 360 Feedback Multi-Rater Performance Reviews

We also offer Employee Background Checks and customized consultative services.

Over 35,000 companies rely on the Profiles Assessment tools to select, coach and maximize Human Capital by using employee assessments. The more you know about your people, the better you can impact your top and bottom lines.

Our online Employee Assessment Center, Profiles On The Web, offers comprehensive Internet testing capability with instant results in a user-friendly system. Your account can be set-up and implemented with ease and assessments can be given and administered on a 24/7 basis. And, entire organizations can be networked for a cohesive assessment program.

From the Fortune 500 to the smaller entrepreneurial organization, from services to manufacturing to retail, through the use of employee assessments, People Assessments can help you improve your return on your greatest assets....People!

People Assessments

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