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Our mission is to work with companies and organizations to enhance their ability to successfully hire and manage their employees through the consistent application of scientifically developed, technologically supported and client-driven professional assessment tools and services. We will remain committed at all times to the highest standards of ethical behavior and confidentiality. We strive to demonstrate a measurable return on investment through the consistent implementation of employee assessments.


"Better management of our human capital is today where the quality process was in the U.S. about 15 years ago. Companies knew that the quality of their goods and services had to improve but they did not get serious about it until the bar was raised by foreign competition with better quality products at very competitive prices. Today we have the ISO standard and Six Sigma and world class quality systems. Unfortunately, the people side of the equation is still lagging behind. This "soft" side of business is our greatest productivity and thus profitability drain. Surveys indicate that 60% of a manager’s time is spent fixing people problems with only 40% left to reach company goals. No wonder we are "too busy" to address the root issue. I can still hear the echo of these words prior to the great quality transformation that began in the 1980s. The adoption of assessment tools and a true human capital management system as an integral business process is taking hold today in our businesses. It is both a necessary and irreversible process for companies to remain competitive."

"As business managers, we can be almost obsessed with data…facts, figures, charts, graphs, analyses…to make important business decisions. Yet, when it comes to managing people, we rely solely on a resume, the interview process, an annual performance appraisal. That’s just not enough information. Fortunately, the Profiles assessments offered through People Assessments fill the informational void when it comes to people. If you are not using employee assessment tools, you are missing valuable information."

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