What Clients Say

"The Success Patterns generated by your studies prove to be very valuable, and certainly has helped us to focus on the important traits of our most successful managers. The Profiles assessment system is an excellent tool for training and promoting employees as well as new hires."

"Gut instincts just aren't enough when promoting and selecting people for the responsibilities of management. I can highly recommend the use of [your assessments] to any company that wants to increase the probability of putting the right person in the right job."
"What impressed me most about the results of [the] surveys was the fact that in every case, people come out where I expected them to. It proved to be reliable and fool-proof. I found it particularly interesting that the lower performers on my team were also the lower scorers on the assessment."

"Having the assessment and the accompanying coaching report gave us something concrete to focus on - Thanks!!"
American Automobile Association...
"We use the test as part of the interview process¨"

"We have determined that Step One is very accurate in identifying potential problem areas."

"We have been able to design the 'ideal AAA manager/professional' and ascertain how candidates compare within this framework."
"I have living proof that your testing program works…"

"I was tremendously impressed with one person, and was ready to hire him. Then I followed your advice and tested him. He would have been a mistake… Another gentleman did not display as commanding a presence as the first prospect, yet had an air of sincerity about him. Your testing program showed him to be outstanding. I hired [him], and the results are amazing."

"Without your testing, I would have relied on my own 'gut instincts' and would have made a terrible mistake. I'm a true believer of Profiles International, Inc.!"
Time Warner Cable...
"...helped us achieve a job match that reflects an 80% retention factor on the employees hired in the past year."
Pepsi Cola Bottling...
"Your products help keep us focused on the job and help us save time by qualifying the candidates throughout the selection process."

"The Step One is a great tool and we are very confident in using it. Our employees handle cash...their attitudes about the workplace, reliability and ethics can be measured and helps us determine who we might or might not interview."

"The Profiles assessment system has helped us establish a framework to quantify those skills, interests and abilities that we are seeking in the individuals that we hire. The interview questions have been extremely helpful."
Dale Carnegie Training...
"In hundreds of interviews I've conducted over the years, I've matched the wrong people to the available positions probably as often as I've selected the right people."

"We have calculated the dollar cost of turning over an associate after six months to be about $30,000. It is impossible to estimate the emotional cost to our team when we lose someone we have grown to like as a person."
Burger King...
"The information that it provides is truly enlightening."

"It allows me to learn as much as I can about someone in the shortest amount of time - that alone saves tremendous amounts of money!"

"We've reduced turnover throughout our company by utilizing various methods; the Profiles assessment system can be credited for some of this reduction in turnover."

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